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The Baddlands
Mega Pitbulls
AZ Desert Dogs
Centex Pits
Bull City
Rerun's Blue Pits
Warrior Kennels
ATL Finest
Gotyline Pits
Gomez Pits
Walkers Bully Pits
Ez Pitz
Maniacos Pitbulls
MidZone Kennel
Eastside Kennel  
3 Ball Kennels
Big Slick Bullies
Nu South Bullies
Borderland Pits
A Town Gottiline
Fat Rhinos
Bama Bullies
MeanMug Kennels
Big Easy Bullies
Evolution Pitbulls
Canyon Pits
DirtySouth Gottyline
ShortCutt Pits
BlueKrome Ken
Sitting Bull Kennel
818 Pits
Jayline Kennels
Stronger Than All
D-Town Bullys
Handcuff Kennels
WestCoast Gottiline
EastSide Gotty
Killa Cali Kennels
Blue Town Pits
SanDiego Pits
Team Ink Kennels
Urban Pits
Ganghis Kon Kennel
Maximus Kennels
Rivera's D Ken
Hogg Pound
HardStuff Kennels
Contagious Pits
Mafia Pits
Blue Valley Pitbulls
Bully Boi Expo
BlueNation Kennels
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