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Welcome to Big Joes Bullys

a Mikeland Federation Kennel  


    Big Joe's Bully’s is located in North East Texas. Big Joe's Bully’s consist of Jamie, my three daughters(Hailey, Ashlee and Riley) and myself , Big Joe. We are a family oriented kennel. We began breeding the Mikeland version of the American Bully, around 10 years ago. Now we are dedicated to the Mikeland bloodline only. It all started with the help from my cousin Mike Wallander from Mikeland Kennels.


       Since then we have produced some of the big name Mikeland dogs. In our program we breed for MAXIMUM head size, bone, shoulders and girth. We also breed for MINIMUM height, length and aggression. Also our dogs are raised around my children and adults. All of our dogs are in the process of being dual registered with UKC and the ABKC.


    We are also part of the force that created "The Mikeland Federation", along with Mike, Shelley and Kori Wallander. As of right now the Mikeland Federation can be found in several other states. We always encourage and practice great business skills. As you will come to find out we have exclusive Mikeland breeding's that go down on a regular basis.


    Now we would like to give credit to where it is due. Mike Wallander for creating such a consistent bloodline, Ish from Ish Dezigns for the great web site, and last but not least my family for helping me out with out them we wouldn't be here  Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy what you see.

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